Block Field Request

In Block Field, whether foundation field or advanced field, students complete a minimum of 480 hours in one semester--the equivalent of working a full-time job. Thus, approval is required from the Director of Graduate Studies.  

If you are planning Advanced Block Field, MSW Program policies prohibit concurrent enrollment in Block Field and Integrative Seminar due to the heavy workload associated with these courses.  Integrative Seminar is an intensive writing course that requires students to write and rewrite sections of a comprehensive case analysis over the course of the semester. 

Please consider these requirements when deciding whether you wish to apply for Block Field.  Should you decide to pursue block field, please note the following:
Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis--no blanket exceptions will be made, regardless of GPA or other factors. To be considered for block field, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.
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